Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Organism's World - Abiotic factors in an environment

An organism’s world – Abiotic factors in an environment

Group work:
Conduct online research to find the out how organisms live in different environment with different abiotic factors.

1.             How do mangrove plants such as Avicennia obtain oxygen when their roots are buried in the mud?
2.             How are xerophytes adapted to survive prolonged drought?
3.             What do polar bears survive in regions where temperatures are constantly freezing?
4.             How do deep-sea anglerfish locate its prey in darkness?
5.             Why can’t a saltwater fish survive in freshwater aquarium? What are the differences in pH between seawater and freshwater ponds?

- Post your findings in the class Environmental Science blog.
- Include pictures to elaborate or support your findings.
- Students are to review each group findings.

What is the key understanding of this lesson?

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